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Treatment Program

The Treatment Centre’s Program is a six-eight week program which includes: 

  • Pre-treatment and referral at the community level
  • Orientation
  • Assessment of substance misuse behaviours
  • Understanding substance misuse
  • Relationships
  • Healing of memories and trauma
  • Transition to return home
  • After-care and follow-up at the community level

Our Family Development Program, followed by an after-care plan and attended by the whole family, includes the following specific components:

  • Adult Program
  • Youth Program
  • Student Program
  • Toddlers Program

Adult Program

The Counselling Team in the Adult Program assists adult clients to gain the knowledge and skills required to heal from substance misuse and to become contributing members of their families and communities. This component is the main part of the Treatment Centre’s Family Development Program.  

Youth Program

While their parents attend the Adult Program, the Youth Worker in the Young Adult Program provides learning experiences and activities for teenage children and helps them understand and deal effectively with substance misuse in an environment which fosters the healing of relationships for the young adults with their parents, school, and siblings.

Student Program

While their parents attend the Adult Program, the Tutor ensures that students continue their academic work While their parents attend the Adult Program. Children are tutored from Kindergarten through Grade 12 during their intake. The Tutor also promotes healing of the relationships for the children with their parents, school, and siblings.

Toddlers Program

While their parents are participating in the Adult Program, the Daycare Worker at the Toddler Learning Centre provides care for babies and preschool aged children in a caring, loving environment for the children to help promote a strong sense of caring, sharing, and respecting among the children. The Daycare Worker also assists in establishing a healthier relationship between parents and children.