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A sandy beach with a boat in the water.

Our New Land based Healing Camp is situated off the Harvest Road towards Bearskin Lake. It is a 30 minute ride to the site, which sits on the Severn River and has a sandy beach.

A road to the site has been constructed using professional equipment and sup-ported by all-terrain utility vehicles to transport supplies, fuel and hot lunches to the work crew.

This is a major project and we wish to show appreciation to former Chief Gordon Beardy, who is heading up the project and volunteering a lot of his time to move it forward. Gor-don’s support of the Healing Camp initiative is helping to respond to the demand for these programs where children, youth, and families can go for land based healing along with traditional and cultural teachings.

There are two mini homes and an RV trailer on site, which Far North Resources procured for us. While road construction continues and the camp site is being pre-pared and landscaped, some limited programming can take place.

This site is known as The First Beach and was used as a gathering place for families and Elders alike when Muskrat Dam was first settled and well into the 80’s. It was used all summer long as a place where community members interacted and passed on the teachings. It is our hope to renew this traditional gathering place and heal our families, youth and our children.