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Client Success Story – Brandon Goodman

Brandon Goodman and his family came to the Centre in the summer of 2019. During their time here they were able to reconnect as a family. The centre’s electronic device free approach let them reconnect with each other around the dinner table and with themselves out on the land. Brandon also reconnected with the power of prayer which had a profound impact on his healing journey.

Since his stay, Brandon has become a licenced trapper and has an impressive record of 22 moose in 3 years with 2 being hunted in the winter wearing snowshoes through a 5-kilometre hike. Upon his return to his community of Sandy Lake, the Board of Education took notice of his success in the program and Brandon stepped into a land-based education role for the youth in his community. He takes the youth rabbit snaring, all varieties of fishing, skidooing, nature walks, beaver skinning, martin trapping, and various other activities. They have been able to create a culture site 15 minutes outside of the community where electronic devices are put away and time is spent in the longhouse, teepees, and gathering around the fire pit.

While Brandon was out on the land, he was able to stop using suboxone and has had many community members reach out for his guidance and knowledge on how they can share the same journey. Brandon is a leader and role model in his community and highly recommends the treatment centre to come to for healing. Through helping others, he is able to lift his own community up and share his knowledge with the youth to empower and support them.