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As part of the Land based programming, clients and staff traveled out into the bush to learn how to safely work together to cut and gather firewood. After a safety lesson, the clients ventured out to find their perfect trees and work together to either learn or improve upon their wood cutting skills. Being out in the bush helped the clients reconnect with themselves and learn more about each other as they gained valuable knowledge and had a few laughs and some warm tea along the way.  

Wood cutting is a valuable skill to learn for First Nation Northern Ontario community members. Wood fires are used all year long to cook traditional foods. In the winter, wood becomes invaluable as it can quickly become the primary source of heat for homes in the event of power loss. Community members also gather wood and deliver it to the Elders in their communities to support them and ensure they can continue their traditional way of living once they are no longer able to travel to the bush themselves.

This skill is important to help continue to support all community members and the clients were able to bring their new skill back home to their own communities. Clients said they will be proud to share their knowledge with the youth in their own communities to ensure that their knowledge is passed down to the next generation.